A little bit about me and Omedia

I bring over a decade of success in the competitive world of graphic design and advertising to my brainchild, Omedia.

In 2003, I received my qualification in Multimedia Design, and subsequently worked in the industry full-time as a sought-after designer. Realising early on that digital was the way forward; I expanded my skill set, and in 2013, received my qualification in Digital Marketing.

After ten years of working successfully with a host of start-ups and big brands, including Midea, HiFi Corp, Expert and Mica, I decided to take my host of knowledge and experience to the proverbial road, and created Omedia. I now provide my clients with high-quality integrated freelance graphic design and marketing services, which I personally oversee from start to finish.

“There’s something addictive about creating truly great design and then helping it to succeed in the digital world. It’s why I started Omedia; so that I could guide the whole process and make it something that’s enjoyable for the client too, not the stressful or drawn out process that a lot of people are used to.”

I credit my success to being hardworking, pro-active and always keeping positive. “I just need to keep things moving. I know that my projects can succeed with proper planning and constant monitoring and prioritising. What’s best for my clients is best for me; it’s as simple as that.”

Through Omedia, I now provide my clients with a host of personalised graphic design services from logos and corporate identities; brochures, catalogues and retail leaflets to websites, complete with tailored SEO strategies. I provide an equally broad range of seamless print services, which with the help of my longstanding suppliers; I am able to deliver at a competitive price.



Get in touch with me to find out how I can assist you with your design, print or web-based needs.